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stars He's made it so!
Patrick Stewart is the BEST actor in the universe. He started as an opressed kid (as so many actors do) who found Shakespeare interesting . . . it was a long way from then to now.
Now, he's a starship captain, the sexiest man on earth, and the universe's greatest actor! (The last by my standards.)
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This is the most detailed, coolest Patrick Stewart site we've ever assimilated. Sorry, Borg instinct taking over.

stars The Greatest Actor in the Universe . . .

Many people agree with me: Stewart's acting is so incredible, the irony is, you forget he's acting, and you forget he's Patrick Stewart -- until, of course, the show's over, and then you gotta start raving about it. No, wait a sec, that's me I'm talking about.
Anyway, the best examples are mostly in Star Trek episodes: "The Best of Both Worlds" parts I and II are unforgettable, and the follow-up, "Family," I can't say enough about.
The real best example, though, deserves a page of its own. Never mind a page, ten pages. "Chain of Command, parts I and II". Summary: Picard is captured and brutally tortured at the whim of his interrogator.
Reminiscent of "1984", this episode's the only thing that's ever managed to give me disturbing dreams. It just came out on video; go get it. It's worth the $15 bucks. And that has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the fact that they strip him naked.

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