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NOTE: This page is not dead . . . this page is sleeping. It's settled down for a long winter nap. Everything here retains its original form, with the exception of the Queer Dictionary. It's been a long time since a real update, and my energies are spread out all over, not to mention how much I've changed since I last wrote a weekly here. I still believe in everything on this site, have heart. And many of the readers have written me for advice. Don't be afraid to do that, either. Enough of you and I'll re-vamp this site into an advice column. Auntie Darthi7's Objective Opinions, anyone? ;-) I'll come back one day, I know I will -- if I didn't care about the site enough, I wouldn't be keeping it up, or adding this note. Until then, though, which is likely to be a long while? Hang in there, and don't worry that it isn't getting updated.

This page is about the right to love -- one human right that, in my opinion, can and should never be denied by anyone or anything.

I'm hoping to get more people involved. I've got a weekly feature column going and need your feedback.
This whole entire think-amajig started when the Star Trek chatroom at Miningco was empty. I was bored, so I went into the main chatroom, where I discovered a heated discussion about gay / lesbian rights. I had already known of my stance on the issue, but I discovered in that chatroom how strong my feelings were. So I created this page! I need you -- that's right, you -- to share your feelings on the issue, whether you're straight or gay.

With your help, I'm creating a newsletter / online zine devoted to the Gay / Lesbian Rights cause! Pro-Queer Rights opinions are currently needed; after we've gotten this thing going, then we can have debates. Rants, poems, articles, essays, stories -- lend us your words!

Thank you.
Now move it, to:
My First Weekly Column: This is the one and only best place to start. It introduces the site, as well as the cause, and is a dang nice piece in its own right. WARNING: STRONG FEELINGS ALERT.

The Online Newsletter I: Now, since I'm not the only one writing, I can call it a newsletter! By next week it should be a full-grown ZINE!! To borrow a phrase from someone who knows who he is, Muahahahaha!! And by next year I should have defeated the evil lord Bill Gates!!!! I think I had too much caffeine . . . if that were possible. :-)

Getting There (is half the fun) No zine yet, but it's moving forth. This issue . . . no jokes in this introduction line, since the issue is about bigotry. Whateverthe'ell, go here if you want to think. As usual.

Of Closets And Things Another very serious article from Darthi7; nobody else home, it seems. I must emphasize, this thing doesn't go without you! That's right, you! If you can think and you know English, send something in!

The Queer Dictionary UPDATED, believe it or not! This is a special project -- a collection of terminology and where it came from. Interested in knowing where the words "gay", "lesbian", etc. came from? So was I. For some I am still. Check it out.

Last update: Added forum!!! 08/24/98 (I won't put "UPDATE TODAY" anymore because I keep forgetting to remove it the next day)
03/12/00: Updated Queer Dictionary and added the paragraph at the top of the page.

Special P.S. to my friend (you know who you are), who should be visiting soon: QUIT SMOKING!!!
Everyone else who smokes: If you're here and you're listening, you're my friend. I hate to see friends die. Even if you deny that it's gonna kill you, it's stupid to remain chained to the least moral of all industries anyway.
NOTE: This site will not be updated for a while, as I am in the long, convoluted and dratted annoying process of moving. A bit more BS you might want to know: I'm now involved in the Gay/Straight Alliance at Foothill College and may soon be doing some work on *their* homepage. If so, I will link from here! :-) Also, I may be able to work in a big update here in a month or so . . . watch.


The Important Stuph

My fabulously hallowed guestbook, RainbowRitings!: A rainbow is the symbol for homosexuality; a rainbow also contains all colors. Gay and/or straight people, y'all please sign here!
The column/newsletter/zine/whatever it's grown into by the time you see this.: This is the main purpose of the site . . . thoughts, feelings, whatever, and please share yours!
Queer Links: The best gay/lesbian sites on the net . . . and some other stuph. What, straight visitors, are you chicken? These links have been carefully researched and organized by Darthi7 herself. (Me.)
The Generally Quite Useful and Wonderful Store: You'll find it all here. Books, music . . . Whee! Go on a shopping spree! Everything is here . . . and I mean *everything*. Including my favorite choices.
Writers' Submission Guidelines: I need you! No, not that way. Share your opinions, ideas, and feelings; I'm starting a zine. Do NOT hesitate to send me something -- but you might wanna read the guidelines.

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