The Web According To Darthi7 (especially the gay & lesbian stuff)

PlanetOut, the queerest and proudest site on the net!: The ultimate gay site, this is so gay it even intimidated me -- and that's hard to do. ;-) Check this out! It's one of the most helpful and biggest resources *out* there.
The Queer Resources Directory: It's broken down into categories and subcategories; though not very colorful, you can find exactly what you're looking for.
"Voices in my head": The site of one Robin, who's lesbian, but it isn't an all gay site. It's got some really cool stuff; I liked this site even before I was active in this cause. GO HERE!
More later . . . email me if you want your site added or want to nominate a site!:

people have been forever bettered by these glorious links.