Submit    to    my    eternal    rule    .    .    .    erm,    to    my    zine    that    rules.

But there's just a few rules.

1. Feel free to show off your filthy vocabulary, but be f**king well aware that any sh*tty language will be edited in this manner.

2. You don't need to stay firmly planted in the topic, but submissions must tie in to queer rights somehow.

3. I'm not currently accepting erotica. I'll let you know if that changes, but for now, it's starting out pretty small -- not to mention I'm playing it safe with the Tripod people.

4. Incoherent rants should stay relatively concise.

5. You don't have to be gay/lesbian to send in something. Straight, trans, bi, whatever . . . it takes all kinds.

And most importantly:

6. Make like Spock, and apply logic to emotion. This is by far the most important thing; the logic in the structure of the writing is necessary to make a solid point, and anything here would be empty without emotion. That's a lot of what the page is about: love, the most important emotion. But the logic is what makes it work. (You can tell I'm a Spock fan, can't you.)

So, what are you waithing for? Send me something!

So,    send    me    something:

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I can't guarantee it'll be accepted, though right now there's a pretty good chance.

Put zine in the subject line, unless you're contacting me about something else.

potential contibutors have hung their eyes on my beautiful guidelines.